Kangen Water Reviews

This article discusses the properties of Kangen Water Reviews or alkalized and ionized water and whether the use of kangen water is really beneficial or not.

‘Kangen’ is a Japanese word that means ‘return to original’. The term ‘Kangen water’ for ionized water was termed by a company named Enagic which manufactures water ionizing machines. There has been a lot of debate going on regarding the use of ionized water for drinking.

Properties Of Kangen Water

a) Kangen water is alkaline in nature. It has a pH value of more than 7 on the pH scale.

b) It has smaller water clusters than that of natural water or micro clustered.

c) It is rich in electrons and negative ions, which attribute to its alkalinity.

d) It has an oxidation reduction potential of -700mV.

e) It contains activated hydrogen molecules.

Kangen Water Reviews

Alkalinity of any chemical is determined by its pH value on the pH scale from 1 to 10. When the pH value of the chemical is from 1 to 7, it is said to be acidic. When it is from 7 to 10 it is said to be basic in nature. Alkalization of water makes the water basic in nature, makes it rich in electrons.

Positive Reviews On Kangen Water

This water ionizer attempts to achieve the conversion of ordinary water into Kangen water. Kangen Water Reviews is said to have healing effects on the body or accelerate healing. Alkalized water is rich is said to neutralize the positive ions in the body and increase the pH of the body. It is also said to have detoxify the body of all the toxins.

In natural water, the molecules exist in an aggregated fashion as big clusters of several water molecules. Kangen water has micro-clusters of water thus one can consume more volume of kangen water than natural water. Moreover, smaller clusters of water can move freely through the cell membranes thus providing more nutrition to the body by increasing the flow of nutrient ions.

There is another theory that supports the term ‘kangen’ of kangen water. New born babies are more basic in nature than adults and humans become more acidic as they grow old. Hence the neutralizing effect of kangen water is said to make the consumer feel younger and healthier.

Negative Reviews On Kangen Water

The first and foremost public opinion on the water ionizer machine is that it is too expensive and not affordable by simpletons. This is due the fact that water ionizers contain specific machinery to carry out the electrolysis of water. This filter requires regular servicing after a certain period of time.

Moreover, alkalization of tap water causes accumulation of fluorides by removal of cations in the water which is not good for the body. Consumption of alkalized water is said to increase the pH of the stomach, an organ which must be maintained at low pH or acidic conditions to facilitate digestion. This upsets the natural balance in the body and messes with the digestive system’s functioning.

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